Discover the next generation of investing.

The Next Generation of Asset Management

At Amadeus, we believe in leveraging technology and investment management experience to provide our clients with superior risk-adjusted returns. Through integrated human capital, centralized data infrastructure, and a systematic investment process, we are uniquely positioned to pioneer the next generation of asset management.

A Robust, Centralized Database

Our operation is heavily data dependent, and having clean data is paramount. We've dedicated ourselves to collecting data on financial filings, news articles, and asset pricings in real-time. Our algorithms homogenize this raw data and store it on our in-house databases. Only after the data has been cleaned and homogenized is it ready for analysis.

Being able to trust the data used in our financial models is a core principle at Amadeus.

Sophisticated Strategy Research

Research is at the heart of our operation.

Our research team integrates state of the art algorithms, sound financial principles, and years of experience in the industry to generate signals and strategies that continuously improve our portfolio's risk profile. These strategies are meticulously tested and compared against one another, ensuring that only the best are put into execution.

Prudent Portfolio Construction and Execution

Our eyes are fixated on investor returns. We integrate signals from our research team to generate and execute on portfolios with prudent risk measures. This ensures delivery of consistent risk adjusted returns to our investors across market regimes.

Cutting Edge Hardware

The world's fastest deep learning system.


We've partnered with NVIDIA, pioneers of the next generation of computational hardware for Artificial Intelligence research and deployment. Our partnership gives us access to some of the most powerful computing resources for researching and developing AI algorithms.

Our in-house analytical cluster boasts the NVIDIA DGX-1, the world's fastest deep learning system. It empowers our research team, allowing them to solve complex investment problems with state of the art machine learning models.

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